Saturday, 28 January 2012

Worldwide zombie shorts collection

Left Films’ Ultimate Zombie Feast is now up for pre-order on Amazon at a bargaintastic £8.99. This double disc is packed with short zombie films from around the world including:
  • Paul Cranefield, Scott Kragelund and Erik Van Sant’s The Book of Zombie (USA, 61 mins) 
  • William Bridges’ Dead Hungry (UK, 10 mins) 
  • Jay Reiter’s Arise (USA, 17 mins) 
  • Gregory Morin’s Paris by Night of the Living Dead (France, 12 mins) 
  • Tor Fruergaard’s It Came from the West (Denmark, 17 mins) 
  • Rafael Martinez and Inaki San Roman’s Zombies and Cigarettes (Spain, 17 mins) 
...and loads more.

More than five hours of top-quality zombie goodness for nine quid. The package is set for release on 18th June. How can this not be utterly brilliant?

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