Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Driscoll reviews removed

Richard Driscoll is up to his old tricks again, sending empty threats to my webhost and ISP in an attempt to make me remove my reviews of The Comic, Kannibal and Evil Calls.

I don't give in to bullies - especially ones with no sense of humour - but for the sake of those guys, I have removed the reviews from But they still exist. Where will they pop up next? Watch this space.

Driscoll's latest slice of nonsense, Eldorado, is due out on 30th January if it doesn't get hit with a cease-and-desist order first (a real one, not the ranting e-mail sort that RD likes to send out).


  1. I'll be happy to tell you all about RD

  2. Interested to hear he objected to your reviews, Mike! Let's see if I hear from Mr Driscoll after my review of THE LEGEND OF HARROW WOODS appears. I won't say where in advance...

  3. I have just watched ELDORADO (or ELDORADO 3D as the title would have it). I can only assume that all the actors were in a child sex ring and that Mr Driscoll has the negatives. I certainly will bet good money he has none of the necessary music clearances that would have been necessary. JEFF FAHEY however is a standout as a reggae loving, Vietnam vet dentist. There are Tarantino references aplenty (sorry rip offs) and the film is "MAMA MIA FOR HORROR FANS" in the same way that previous films were opera versions of Tosca or adaptations of the novel The Raven... I especially like the way that extra nudity was worked into BRIGITTE NEILSON's musical number. The film does look good in places and he certainly has a good eye for mise en scene on occassion but no idea of humour or narrative.

  4. Driscoll does not have a good eye. Its the crew that do that that. His on set directing slyle is non existant! He walks on set and then act, he does not direct at all. Eldorado was basically made without a director!!