Thursday, 29 September 2011

Kill Keith - not in most cinemas from 11th November

One film I'm desperate to see is Kill Keith, the latest feature from director Andy Thompson (The Scar Crow), in which a serial killer murders minor league British TV names including Russell Grant, Joe Pasquale, Tony Blackburn and the eponymous Mr Chegwin.

The concept is so loopy that this can't fail to be either the best film ever made or the worst, possibly both. There's a great teaser trailer at and the film is set for a limited theatrical release on 11th November.

The cast also include Dominic Burns (director of Cut), the ubiquitous Simon Phillips (Jack Says trilogy, Jesus vs the Messiah etc), Susannah Fielding ( and the great Frank Scantori (Warrior Sisters, Room 36).

Black Pond - new British film

Black Pond is a new British film from Will Sharpe and Tom Kingsley, tw young men who previously collaborated on the half-hour, Japanese-shot short film Cockroach (which you can watch on YouTube). The feature is notable as the return to the screen of the comedy legend that is Chris Langham: Muppet Show writer; Ken Campbell's first Arthur Dent; original Not the Nine O'Clock News cast member; People Like Us; The Thick of It...

Langham is the head of a family accused of being cold-blooded killers in this slightly surreal dark comedy-thriller which debuted at Raindance. Slightly bizarrely, the cast also includes Simon Amstell off Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

Black Pond opens at the Prince Charles Cinema in London on 11th November and goes on limited release around the country the following week. More at

Sunday, 25 September 2011

More guests added to Manchester

The Festival of Fantastic Films has expanded its guest lists till further with the addition of Italian horror actor Bobby Rhodes (from Demons and Demons 2) and veteran Hammer assistant director Hugh Harlow. Other guests include actors Robin Askwith, Derek Fowlds, Johnny Legend and Derren Nesbitt, director Norman J Warren, producer Richard Gordon, veteran script supervisor Renee Glynne, scriptwriter David McGillivray and film lecturer CP Lee who used to be in punk band Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias!

Another win for Gorgo!

Waiting for Gorgo has picked up its second award, this one at the Cantoo Film Festival in West Virgina where it won 'Best Short Film'.
The judges' comments are very flattering:

"Finally she has come! Waiting for Gorgo is a short film about what is real and what is fiction. Benjamin Craig takes the viewer deep into the Ministry of Defence in search of the elusive D.M.O.A. In the film you will meet the small but extremely likable cast. The two heads of the department, characterised by Geoffrey Davies and Nicholas Amer, play off each other wonderfully. Kelly Eastwood skilfully expresses the journey to find them. You feel the pity which the auditor has as she reveals to them the truth of their situation. The well-built set rivals a Hollywood production with its detail. M.J. Simpson's script is brilliantly witty and nearly every line is quotable. A well directed, well produced film that is fun and thought-provoking. A winner of a film! The film shows why the British are the best in this craft."

Saturday, 17 September 2011

New review: Umbrage: The First Vampire

Umbrage: The First Vampire is almost certainly the first ever British vampire western. It stars Doug Bradley and Rita Ramnani and is out on DVD from Left Films on 17th October. But is it any good?

Blood Runs Cold coming soon on DVD

Holy crap, the trailer for new Swedish horror film Blood Runs Cold looks terrific.

"The debut feature from director Sonny Laguna, the low-budget Swedish horror flick Blood Runs Cold takes the classic slasher template set down by John Carpenter with “Halloween” and gives it a Scandinavian make-over that chills to the bone." says the publicity blurb.

Chelsea Films release the movie on UK DVD on 3rd October.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

New review: Stalker

Martin Kemp's debut feature Stalker (originally announced as a remake of Exposé) is out on DVD next month and I've been able to watch and review a screener. You can also catch the film on the big screen at Grimm Up North in Manchester on 7th October when Kemp, producer Jonathan Sothcott and actress Jane March will be in attendance.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Unhappy Birthday due next month

Unhappy Birthday, the 'gay Wicker Man' that I previewed back in July is now set for a DVD release in the UK (from Peccadillo Pictures, who else) on 24th October.

Find out more at

Deadly tattoo from Canada: Comforting Skin

Producer Justin James very kindly dropped me a line to alert me to Comforting Skin, an atmospheric and original new Canadian horror feature from director Derek Franson. (Credit annotations by me...)

"Comforting Skin is a supernatural thriller that follows Koffie, a lonely young woman’s who's desperate need for emotional and sexual companionship draws her into a surreal and ultimately destructive relationship with a shifting and whispering tattoo she has willed to life on her skin.

"Comforting Skin  was shot last spring on a budget of roughly $250,000. Additionally much of our equipment, crew and locations were donated as well. The slithering, shifting tattoo character was brought to life through the use of digital animation and compositing techniques, requiring custom code developed by our VFX Supervisor Ollie Rankin (motion capture on Watchmen and Harry Potter). We are now in the final days of completing the film with just a few effects shots left to fine-tune and finish.
The film stars Victoria Bidewell (AVP: Requiem) in her first starring role, along with Tygh Runyan (Stargate Universe, Canadian Zombie)Jane Sowerby (The Pink Chiquitas!) and Phil Granger (Sasquatch, To Die For). Victoria not only performed the lead part of Koffie, but voiced the tattoo character as well. Derek, myself and Andrew Webster produced the film. Our cinematography was handled by Adam Sliwinski (Deadly Visions, Beyond Sherwood Forest), who did an amazing job for us, as did our editor Lenka Svab (Karate Dog; no honestly: Karate. Dog.) and Production Designer Elena Dubova (costume assistant on Stonehenge Apocalypse!). The film`s haunting music was composed and conducted by Alain Mayrand, who despite our miniscule budget was able to assemble an impressive group of orchestral musicians to record the score."

There's a website at, the trailer's on Vimeo and there's a Facebook thing.