Monday, 18 July 2011

Unhappy Birthday

Oh sweet Lord Jesus! Oh Christ in Heaven! Oh Jesus Christ! Yes, it's a gay variant of The Wicker Man: Unhappy Birthday. Brilliant!

"UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY is the fictional story of three outsiders’ battles against the twisted morals of an antiquated community. Inspired by British cult classics such as THE WICKER MAN (1970) and HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR, UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY romps through themes of isolation and nature versus nurture with a knowing eye. Filmed entirely on location in Northumberland in the North East of England and on the stunning tidal island of Lindisfarne, UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY is led by a young British cast, including David Paisley (Holby City, Casualty) Jill Riddiford (Our Friends in the North), Christina De Vallee and Jonathan Keane, with a cameo by trash horror legend David McGillivray (House of Whipcord, Schizo)."

Could it get any better than that? How about that one of the two film-makers is a TV whose credits include Nigella's Kitchen and How Clean is Your House? How about that the preview screening (which I'll have to miss, alas) features a cast and crew Q&A hosted by Gok Wan?

You know, there are some films that you just have to see, and this looks like one of them. Here's the website. Here's the trailer on YouTube. Now cut some capers, man!

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