Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Kid-animated Irish horror film!

Among the things I didn't expect to receive in my inbox this week was a press release about an Irish animated horror movie, made by children but distinctly non-child friendly. Here's the story, and here's the complete film on YouTube.

This Halloween brings a third feature from Graham Jones whom VARIETY calls “a very talented director”.

THE GREEN MARKER SCARE is an Irish horror movie animated by children that contains virtually no sex or violence but which according to Jones may be even scarier as a result.

"Explicit or effects-driven stuff has never interested me as a filmmaker," Jones says. "It’s always been my sense that what you don't show is more powerful. I'd wager THE GREEN MARKER SCARE is more disturbing than any big-budget American horror this year because not only does it deal with people who prey on children but was actually animated by a group of children. It has a terrible authenticity.”

A father of three himself, Jones ensured that he was ethical in the making of the film and has a history of dealing provocatively with challenging issues like suicide, nomadic communities and schizophrenia in his movies and books. He also favours female protagonists. The main character in THE GREEN MARKER SCARE is an Irish girl-sleuth called Noreen who discovers that something very sinister is taking place in her small country town.

"We decided to start with the old mold of the girl-detective," Jones says. "But instead of giving her harmless art burglars to deal with, throw her the worst thing imaginable and watch her mind grapple with it. The penny still hasn’t dropped about Ritual Abuse in the 21st century and that made it interesting for a na├»ve cartoon character to stumble across.”

Jones' new film is also unusual in terms of distribution which is testament to how much the media landscape has changed since he began making films. His debut HOW TO CHEAT IN THE LEAVING CERTIFICATE went on general release in cinemas all over Ireland, his second movie FUDGE 44 offended Japan on DVD and now his third THE GREEN MARKER SCARE is premiering online until the end of November - link jumps straight to trailer:

Monday, 22 October 2012

Music doc from Fallow Field producer

I wouldn't normally mention a music documentary here, especially as I have absolutely no idea who Subsource are or what 'dub-punk' sounds like. However, Subsource: A Dubumentary is worth noting as it has been made by Colin Arnold, producer of the marvellous The Fallow Field.

Here's Colin's production company website and here's the trailer for the 'dubumentary'. the DVD is out next Monday from Left Films.

The Fallow Field, which was scheduled for a September release from Left Films, will now hit the shelves in January via Monster Pictures.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

New British indie comedy: The Limelight

The Limelight is a new British comedy feature directed by Glen Maney and John Robson.

"The film follows the journey of comedian Gary Shand in his quest for celebrity status and recognition from his peers and comedy fans. He's not the world's luckiest guy and winning his battle against depression, alcohol and on coming mental illness whilst trying to be successful on stage means that his life is a roller coaster."

Maney, who also stars, has some experience as a stand-up comedian (as indeed have I, way back when). The film was shot on a tiny budget over several years and has received some food reviews and festival play. A screener is winging its way to Leicester at the moment and I'm looking forward to it. Ricky 'Bulla' Grover co-stars as Gary Shand's agent.

More at www.thelimelightmovie.com. Here's the trailer a a couple of stills:

Saturday, 15 September 2012

German 'Weekend of Horrors' in November

Some guys in Germany have asked me to plug their big Weekend of Horrors event which runs over 2nd-4th November somewhere called Saalbau in Bottrop which is apparently close to both Dusseldorf and Dortmund airports.

They've got a bunch of folk, most of whom will probably mean more to other people than me, but including Doug Bradley, Kane Hodder, Ken Foree, Ticou Browning and Uncle Lloyd. Here's their English website.

Take Me To Your Leader on YouTube

Before he made Harold's Going Stiff, Keith Wright's first feature was a delightful mockumenary about the making of a low-budget science fiction film, called Take Me To Your Leader. To date, hardly anyone has seen this but now Keith has posted the entire movie onto YouTube.

It's well worth a watch. For my money, it's better than Harold's... although I am naturally delighted to see how well that film has done for Keith.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

New British comedy: How to Become a Criminal Mastermind

Black comedy How to Become a Criminal Mastermind is the debut feature from Henry Scriven, about a young man who, when all seems bleak, turns to crime and hires a 'criminal coach' to show him the ropes.

The film stars Sam Massey (EastEnders) and Philip Weddell (Rise of the Footsoldier) and the cast also includes Joerg Stadler (The Horror of the Dolls, Mrs Meitlemeihr), Rob Leetham (Whatever Happened to Pete Blaggit, Waiting for Dawn), Zoe Richards (The Torment) and Louise Houghton (Grave Tales).

More at www.howtobecomeacriminalmastermind.com. Here's the trailer. Looks funny.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Linnea Quigley will be a guest at this year's Festival of Fantastic Films

Linnea Quigley will be a guest at this year's Festival of Fantastic Films. Linnea Quigley will be a guest at this year's Festival of Fantastic Films. Linnea Quigley will be a guest at this year's Festival of Fantastic Films.

Linnea Quigley - just to be clear, that is Linnea freaking Quigley! - will be a guest at this year's Festival of Fantastic Films!

To reiterate: Linnea Quigley will be a guest at this year's Festival of Fantastic Films.



Will be a guest.

At this year's.


Of Fantastic Films!

To say that I am excited is putting it mildly.

(I wonder if she'll talk about Kannibal...)