Sunday, 16 September 2012

New British indie comedy: The Limelight

The Limelight is a new British comedy feature directed by Glen Maney and John Robson.

"The film follows the journey of comedian Gary Shand in his quest for celebrity status and recognition from his peers and comedy fans. He's not the world's luckiest guy and winning his battle against depression, alcohol and on coming mental illness whilst trying to be successful on stage means that his life is a roller coaster."

Maney, who also stars, has some experience as a stand-up comedian (as indeed have I, way back when). The film was shot on a tiny budget over several years and has received some food reviews and festival play. A screener is winging its way to Leicester at the moment and I'm looking forward to it. Ricky 'Bulla' Grover co-stars as Gary Shand's agent.

More at Here's the trailer a a couple of stills:

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  1. 'food reviews'? can't be that tiny a budget if the craft services gets write-ups! :-)