Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Deadly tattoo from Canada: Comforting Skin

Producer Justin James very kindly dropped me a line to alert me to Comforting Skin, an atmospheric and original new Canadian horror feature from director Derek Franson. (Credit annotations by me...)

"Comforting Skin is a supernatural thriller that follows Koffie, a lonely young woman’s who's desperate need for emotional and sexual companionship draws her into a surreal and ultimately destructive relationship with a shifting and whispering tattoo she has willed to life on her skin.

"Comforting Skin  was shot last spring on a budget of roughly $250,000. Additionally much of our equipment, crew and locations were donated as well. The slithering, shifting tattoo character was brought to life through the use of digital animation and compositing techniques, requiring custom code developed by our VFX Supervisor Ollie Rankin (motion capture on Watchmen and Harry Potter). We are now in the final days of completing the film with just a few effects shots left to fine-tune and finish.
The film stars Victoria Bidewell (AVP: Requiem) in her first starring role, along with Tygh Runyan (Stargate Universe, Canadian Zombie)Jane Sowerby (The Pink Chiquitas!) and Phil Granger (Sasquatch, To Die For). Victoria not only performed the lead part of Koffie, but voiced the tattoo character as well. Derek, myself and Andrew Webster produced the film. Our cinematography was handled by Adam Sliwinski (Deadly Visions, Beyond Sherwood Forest), who did an amazing job for us, as did our editor Lenka Svab (Karate Dog; no honestly: Karate. Dog.) and Production Designer Elena Dubova (costume assistant on Stonehenge Apocalypse!). The film`s haunting music was composed and conducted by Alain Mayrand, who despite our miniscule budget was able to assemble an impressive group of orchestral musicians to record the score."

There's a website at www.comfortingskin.com, the trailer's on Vimeo and there's a Facebook thing.

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