Friday, 27 May 2011

New British horror: Siren

PR: “Dead Calm” meets “The Hunger” in the “genuinely sexy supernatural” (The Aisle Seat) independent British horror flick, Siren, the debut directorial feature of former Art Director, the late Andrew Hull(P2; Queer As Folk; Get Over It; Resurrection).
Described as “lean, dirty and surprising” by DVD Verdict, the film features a cast of “exciting up-and-coming talent” (Maxim) that includes Eoin Macken (Merlin; Centurion), Anna Skellern (The Descent Part 2), Tereza Srbova (Inkheart; St. Trinian’s; Eichmann; Eastern Promises) andAnthony Jabre (debut), and boasts a hypnotic musical theme based around hotly-tipped, LA-based all-girl group Warpaint’s song, “Elephants”.
Hoping to escape their busy city lives for a weekend of sailing off Tunisia’s Mediterranean coast, Ken (Macken), his girlfriend Rachel (Skellern) and her old college friend Marco (Jabre) see their plans hit a snag when they go to the aid of a castaway. Raving incoherently and bleeding from his ears, the man dies on board the boat prompting the three friends, fearing reprisals from the local foreign authorities, to take his body to a nearby deserted island for a surreptitious burial.
On the island they discover another castaway, a beautiful but clearly traumatized young woman named Silka (Srbova). Rachel becomes immediately entranced by the girl, while Ken and Marco’s obvious interests in her lead to a deep sexual frustration that begins to manifest itself in the form of feverish hallucinations, violence and extreme paranoia. As the tensions between the three friends rise towards a deadly boiling point, they make a chilling discovery that suggests they may not make it off the island alive.
Siren (cert. 15, tbc) will be released on DVD (£12.99) by Matchbox Films on 27th June 2011

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