Sunday, 29 May 2011

Diseaster - weird Dutch short

I received this press release about a half-hour Dutch short called Diseaster (sic) which is now available online with English subtitles. I've only had time to watch the trailer. It looks somewhat Tromatic. And very Dutch. I'd show you some images or the poster but they've only got massive high-res file which I can't be arsed to convert. Note to indie film-makers: if most of your publicity is going to be online make your publicity images easily available in web-friendly form!



GRONINGEN, the NETHERLANDS - In the aftermath of Easter, a group of indie filmmakers has just released their subtitled, tragicomical, fantastic Easter film DISEASTER (a.k.a. PAASHAAT). It's a thorough re-interpretation of all kinds of Easter and Bunny myths. The story is centred around the uprooting of a dysfunctional family living in the country. The handicapped son’s streams of consciousness in local dialect introduce the viewers to a massively absurd revenge story. 

A unique concept, conceived by writer/director Boki Mekel. He calls his new film "a Northern Eastern with Western influences", but one could as easily describe it as a fantasy horror full of black humour. According to director of photography and editor, Arno Cup├ędo, "Easter traditions have been utterly transgressed in this film". 

The featurette was realised with the lowest budget imaginable by a group of filmmakers and enthousiasts of the Videocollectief, a film collective in the city of Groningen. Various special effects were created for the film, in particular a thirty centimetre high intimidating animatronic Easter Bunny. Special attention was also given to the eclectic original soundtrack that ranges from happy children's tunes to dark metal and digital hardcore.

Now, with a subtitled version on the website, global Anglophone audiences can try to experience and understand the tragic events that took place last Easter to that family out there in the North-Western European countryside..

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