Friday, 25 May 2012

Critters writer - posthumous book

Brian Muir, best known as the writer of Critters, with whom I had a few e-mail exchanges before his untimely death, wrote short stories too. Five of them, plus an essay about writing Critters, have now been collected into a Kindle e-book which is available from Amazon.

Collapsar and Other Stories
A drunk and a dragon...a fallen horror movie actor in a labyrinth of real-life monsters...and fearless Jack Lightning, a hero of the Old West and the swiftest courier to vanish beyond the green curve of the earth. These are just a few of the characters to spring from the mind of Brian Muir, best known as the screenwriter of the 1980s cult classic, "Critters," but also a first-class fiction writer. He appeared along such greats as Joyce Carol Oates and Stephen King in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine before his untimely death in 2010. This brief but unusual collection contains five of his stories never before published, along with an autobiographical essay on "Critters" offering simple but invaluable writing advice.

Back in February 2011 I paid tribute to Brian Muir on my Devil's Porridge blog.

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