Saturday, 24 March 2012

New trailer for Ken Barker's retro space opera

Kenneth Barker, director of Kingdom and Catalina: A New Kind of Superhero, has released the second trailer for his retro space opera On the Shoulders of Giants. Ken says:

"The 'Into the Unknown' trailer was created to reveal more of the film's narrative and set up enough intrigue to warrant growing interest in the final film. That might seem like a pretty redundant statement, but as a film-fan myself I quickly become weary when a trailer reveals the film's best bits. I really want you to come back and be captivated by the mystery of what could possibly happen to the crew in OTSOG. For this trailer my sole intention was to ensure there were no unintentional spoilers or climatic giveaways; what's the point of sticking around to watch the whole film if you have just watched a potted version! And while we are here; a big hoorah for adult centric science-fiction: there really is a lot more occurring below the surface in this film. Above all else OTSOG was produced from my desire to entertain and show my work. I sincerely hope you enjoy watching it."

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