Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sara Dee reports on Kill List and looks ahead to '15'

Sara Dee dropped me a line with the latest news on what she and Martin Pavey are up to:

"Martin, who did the sound design and post production on Hell's Ground and then on Down Terrace (Both produced by Andrew Starke, connected to Boum productions) has been highly praised again for his sound design work on 'The Kill List' that premiered in the US at the weekend.

"'The Kill List' was directed by Ben Wheatley, as was Down Terrace, and Andy Starke produced both too. 'The Kill List' reaped funding from Film Four after the success of Down Terrace.

"You may remember that I did a radio voice recording for Down Terrace although I wasn't credited on the film itself (only on IMDB)  well I did more radio voices for The Kill List and you will see me on the credit roller this time. . . a lovely bonus for keeping the troops happy with refreshments when working with Martin in his studio - The 'MPMP Power Loft.'  This studio name was created by Ben and Andy during their visits and it looks set to remain.

"'The Kill List' US rights might already have been sold but Martin is still busy with the sound deliverables, working on the M&E tracks.  Who has and is doing the Foleys? . . . . Ms Dee of course!  Sliding off tables wrapped in polythene, choreographing blood drips perfectly, playing with shopping bags and sipping the odd drink is all in a days work on this one. 

"Just Google The Kill List and you'll be hit by a swarm of information."

And here's an additional exclusive from Sara, featuring an old mate of mine:

"Next on the agenda from MPMP and SD Productions is a dark chilling little number that Martin Pavey is directing.  Like the well received 'Flash Back' before it, '15' was penned by writer Andy Davie and will have exceptional production qualities in a noire style.  Sara Dee stars along side the notorious Frank Scantori that was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in New York for his comic role in the nasty 'Room 36' last year.  His unique lecherous, comic and blood lust style will be highly evident in this new role too as Sara, known for nice-with-hidden-agenda-nastyness roles, often clad in PVC, won't disappoint her audience either.
'15' should be post produced and finished before the autumn 2011."

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